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Ingatlan azonosító: Budapest 11. kerület

Budapest (11. kerület, Őrmező)

Menyecske u.
30,9 M Millió Ft
49 m2
Veznév Keresztnév
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MAIN FEATURES EXCELLENT LOCATION bright, sunny and quiet room park side, Investments superior occupied immediately AVAILABLE, 6 nm Balcony elevator arranged panel program undergoing condominium IN unencumbered FLAT, arranged in AREA, Kelenföldi metro station and M4 closeness

I offer for sale by exclusive order from fair owners in Őrmező district, Menyecske street, with windows overlooking the green, park part, a 49 sqm west-facing well-maintained but still original condition property, on the third floor of a continuously maintained house with an elevator.

Thanks to the property’s great location, it is perfect for both short and long-term rentals, as everything can be found in the area.

A building towering between two-storey condominiums and parks, an area evoking a good atmosphere.
Name of part of the city Őrmező, close to Kelenföld Railway Station, Balatoni út 7, M0, M1, M7,

It has two staircases, an elevator that has been renovated.
Date of construction in 1972, 10-storey, 11-storey prefabricated panel building.
With closed staircase. The main staircase leads to the entrance.

The condition of the property is maintained, in good condition, but technically it reflects the condition at the time of construction.
The electricity and plumbing are original, as are the kitchen and bathroom.
Size 49 sqm, number of living rooms 2, living room and bedroom.
The windows in the bedroom are plastic insulated windows with plastic shutters. The other rooms are in good condition, but have original windows and doors.
The orientation of the property is D-SW, trees and green can be seen from both room windows and terraces.

The resident here has a very good sense of space. The apartment is bright and shining from the Sun. Opposite it is a park and a green-wooded, spacious square. Its current layout is very practical with excellent living spaces. Coverings in the rooms are carpeted, in the wet rooms and in the kitchen hallway and in the closet is linoleum. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: The heating and hot water supply of the apartment is provided by the unique metered District Heating service. The Condominium stands on stable material legs. EXPENDITURES: Common cost is 8530 HUF / month, which includes garbage collection, house cleaning, staircase lighting, renovation fund, common representative fee and house insurance. The heating is a flat rate of 11,500 HUF / month, which also includes hot water. The property has its own water, electricity and gas meter PARKING: On the street in a public area for residents here is not paid. TRANSPORT: It is also a perfect choice for public transport, as the Bus Stop is in the immediate vicinity. Bus 153, Bus 154, Bus 941, Farther from Bus 150, Bus 250 and 250B, as well as Bus 251, near the M4, and Kelenföld Railway Station 8 minutes walk. INFRASTRUCTURE: Hajós Playground, the Poets’ Park, the Budapest Dúdoló crèche, the Eszterlánc English – Hungarian Montessori Kindergarten, the Napsugár Kindergarten, the Őrmezei Primary School, the Budapest 113 post office, the Őrmezei Community House, the SPAR supermarket, the Weiner Leó Catholic Music School and Zen vocational High School,

PRICE: 30.9 mFT

Common cost: 8,530 HUF / month

The data is based solely on the information provided to us by our clients.
We reserve the right to change prices, change data and sell in the meantime.

I received an exclusive order to sell the property so please do not look for it in other advertisers!
I am happy to cooperate with real estate agencies – colleagues should also feel free to contact us!
If you are interested in the property, please contact me with confidence.
I am happy to be available every day of the week from 9 am to 9 pm (also on weekends!)
If I don’t pick up the phone, I’ll call everyone back!

Any questions or requests you may have about the property I can answer or show flexibly because I have a key.

Gábor Yvette
Ethical Real Estate

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Építés ideje Nincs megadva
Közös költség 8 530 Ft
Alapterület 49 m2
Telek mérete Nincs megadva  m2
Szobák száma 2
Épület szintjei 10
Tetőtér Nincs
Belmagasság 3 m-nél alacsonyabb m
Emelet 3
Lift Van
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Energetikai tanusítvány C
Tájolás Nyugati
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Fűtés Távfűtés egyedi méréssel
Fűrdőszoba,WC Külön helyiségben
WC-k száma 1
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Fürdőszobák típusa Kádas fűrdő
Garázs Nincs
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