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Ingatlan azonosító: GH - COM - 22521742

Budapest - 6. kerület (Benczúr utca)

Benczúr utca
1.25 Milliárd Ft
1400 m2
20 + 2 fél
Gábor Yvette
Gábor Yvette
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The property, a fully renovated Palais is for sale.

It is located in the heart of the diplomatic quarter of Budapest.
The free standing building was built between 1896-98 in an eclectic style.

The property is surrounded by a garden, the facade richly decorated with stucco and building sculpture, with two towers and numerous terraces to encapsulate a magical appearance.

The entrance room of the basement is suitable for a reception and concierge.

The basement, accessible by a seperate entrance from the garden, consists of full premises with large windows opening onto the garden., allowing natural sunlight and fresh air.
It is charachterized by a stylish interior, with service rooms suitable for offices, as well as studios and workshops.

The ground floor and first floor presents an impression of the Millenium age, the Budapest ’Gründerzeit’.
Upper class premises of 4-4.50 meter high ceiling, decorated with stained glass windows, stucco marble, carved doors and chandeliers.

The ground and first floor are suited for either prestige offices or residencees.

The penthouse suite, with it’s own private elevator access, occupies a contemporary apartment, which has been finished to the highest specification. 6 bedrooms all with air-condition, a roof top garden, terrace, tower rooms and fireplace are part and parcel of this luxurious penthouse apartment.

The building is equipped with exterior lighting and an extensive security system, connected to a monitoring service. Parking for five cars within the compounds of the building.

The adjacent building resides the institution of the United Nation
FAO.If the property is used by a diplomatic institution, parking spaces in front of the property will be available exclusively.

Surface distribution of the different levels:

Basement 320m2Ground floor
300 m2 First floor
300 m2 Attica on two levels
400 m2 others ( terraces 50%, + stairways)80 m2

Total 1400 m2

TheThe building can be rented, divided into a maximum of four units.

Purchase price of theproperty 4.000.000 EUR

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Építés ideje Nincs megadva
Alapterület 1400 m2
Telek mérete 980  m2
Szobák száma 20 + 2 fél
Épület szintjei 4
Tetőtér Nincs
Belmagasság  m
Lift Nincs
Konyha típúsa Nincs megadva
Kert Van
Kert kapcsolat Igen
Terasz Van
Erkély Van
Loggia Nincs
Energetikai tanusítvány Nincs megadva
Tájolás Nincs megadva
Vízparti ingatlan Nem
Fűtés Gáz
Fűrdőszoba,WC Külön és egyben is
WC-k száma Nincs megadva
Fürdőszoba száma Nincs megadva
Fürdőszobák típusa Nincs megadva
Garázs Van
Parkolás garázs - az árban
Medence Nincs
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