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Welcome to GoodHome Real Estate

Our office has several years of experience in the field of real estate sales and rental, in addition, our services also include real estate renovation, management, development, Home Staging, not only in Budapest, but throughout the country.

Our small office places great emphasis on leaving our customers satisfied with us, as the best letter of recommendation is the recommendation of a satisfied customer. We can work most effectively if we know the exact needs of our customers, so we can provide them with the best possible service. From the property owner’s point of view, the staff of our office places great emphasis on the beautiful, cozy presentation of the apartments, for which an accurate survey and cooperation in complete harmony with the owners is inevitable.


And for our clients looking for real estate, it can be important for our office staff to conduct a serious survey to find out what they really want so that we don’t unnecessarily burden either them or the owners with presenting a new home that doesn’t meet their needs. It is also important for us to provide accurate, precise data, complete information, and the harmony of a satisfied happy customer and owner.

Everything you need to sell, buy and manage the property, qualified professionals are waiting for you in our office.

Our staff can serve clients from the German and English language areas in a language environment, and we provide an interpreter on request for those interested in other language areas.

The best advertising for the satisfied customer, I am confident that in the future many people will recommend!

Contact us with confidence!


Yvette Gábor
Business Owner-Real Estate Mediator
Judit Kovács
Real estate Agent
Márk Horváth
Real estate Agent


Area: m2
Price: Ft
Budapest (II.. ker. Rézmál)
Rooms: 3 + 1 fél
Area: 82 m2
Price: 185 Millió Ft
Area: m2
Price: Ft